6N High IQ Society

Network for Nous, Noesis, Noema, Noology and Novelty

Your admission request will be pending for approval when you first register and create a member profile. After the verification of your qualifying score, you will be invited to complete your profile in order to become a member of 6N High IQ Society. Applications without proof of qualifying score will not be accepted and the temporary profiles will be deleted. Potential members of 6N High IQ Society are advised to send proof of their qualifying IQ scores on any of the accepted IQ tests (especially for the supervised tests the proof should be accompanied by the contact information of the psychologist who administered the test) to the following e-mail address: admission@6niqsociety.org.

Member profile feature is not available at the momemt due to long-term system upgrade.

All test information is strictly confidential. Only 1st and 2nd attempts are accepted. Online tests which allow multiple submissions are not accepted. The admission will be based on the official norms of the submitted IQ tests, therefore preliminary norms are not accepted. 

The final acceptance of an IQ score or a potential member lies in the judgement of the administrator. IQ scores which are proven cases of cheating or cooperation will not be accepted.

All online unsupervised tests will not be accepted. Please refrain from sending scores on online tests of any kind. Unreal scores on psychologist tests will not be accepted. High range test scores will be evaluated before acceptance.

Our security policy requires verification of your identity. Therefore, we will require from all potential members a scanned image or a photo of their ID card/passport/driving license/student ID. All information is strictly confidential. For security reasons unverified members will not be accepted.

Society is supported by donations. Lifetime membership is provided after you donate 20€ using the PayPal button. Each membership status upgrade will require a donation of 20€. Your membership certificate will be determined from your membership status.

All accepted membership requests will be processed within 10 days. You will be notified to complete your profile.

Please read carefully the admission instructions before sending your requests for joining 6N High IQ Society. Rejected and incomplete requests will not be processed or answered.

Potential members who will fail to understand or follow the admission instructions will be automatically disqualified. Members who will pose a threat to the proper functioning of the society will be removed without any previous notice.

The website content is copyrighted material and you are not allowed to screenshot, archive, store or transmit any part of the website content. You are not allowed to stalk or harass by electronic means any of the society staff/members or be engaged in any kind of illegal activity, as you will be reported to the respective authorities.

We will require from all potential members to include the following information in their e-mail: 

First Name

Last Name

Evidence of an IQ score

Evidence of ID/passport

Facebook address

E-mail address

Age & Sex